Bongs Headshop is quickly becoming the Internets number one source of pipes for sale. All of the pipe manufacturers offered in our store are known to make high quality hand-pipes that are both long lasting and fashionably designed. Pipes can be made from a large number of different materials, each with it’s own positive and negative aspects. No matter what type of pipe you are looking to buy, a large hard hitting piece of glassware or an intelligently designed metal piece, Bongs Headshop has got you covered.

Glass bongs have been considered to be the best of the best when it comes to hand-pipes for a long time. When smoking from a glass pipe you receive clean, fresh tasting hits rather then the strange tasting ones when  smoking out of a metal or acrylic pipes. Because of the time and craftsmanship it takes to make a glass pipe they are usually priced much higher then all the other types of pipes for sale online.

All of our metal pipes for sale are made from brass, steel, anodized aluminum or nickel plated brass making them virtually indestructible and inexpensive. Unlike glass pipes metal pipes are made with interchangeable parts so that they can be optimized with larger bowls and additional parts. Because metal conducts heat, most of the our pipes have a non conductive grip made from rubber or wood so you can hold them without burning yourself.

Wood Pipes are perfect for beginners because of their cheap prices and simple designs. Wood used in these pipe can vary from quality hardwood to softwood, often used in the stem of the pipe. Wood pipes can also take a beating, unlike glass pipes, making them perfect for new pipe owners that more likely to drop the pipe then long term pipe smokers.

Ceramic Pipes are made with some of the most intricate designs because of how easy it is to craft them. Ceramic pipes are usually sold for less then twenty five dollars but offer the same strong hits as the more expensive glass and metal counterparts. Ceramic pipes are made with such a high level of craftsmanship it is almost impossible to throw them away, even after you have upgraded to other types of smoking instruments.

Deluxe pipes are top of the line hand-pipes that are made with a special design to improve how well they smoke or their design. Deluxe pipes are often more expensive then all other types of pipes because of their unique designs and limited stock.

Stealth Pipes are a special type of pipe made specifically to go unnoticed when not in use. These pipes are perfect for people that like to smoke often but do not wish of others to know about it. Stealth pipes can take on many different forms but the most popular versions usually resemble some form of jewelry or a key chain.